Igniting Your Māori Cultural Competency

Te Kaa has one mission: to help 10,000 people positively identify with Māori culture

New Zealand’s rich Māori culture gives it a point of difference on a global stage, and now, more than ever New Zealand businesses are seeking to harness its uniqueness. As a result of Treaty settlements, Māori are able to engage in the growth of New Zealand in ways reminiscent of the 1800’s when Māori were an economic and political force, so the desire to partner with Māori is growing.


As a nation we are growing our awareness that diversity and inclusion is essential for growth and success, while recognizing that learning the indigenous culture at home is the right starting point. If you want to deepen your understanding of Te Ao Māori to help you determine how Māori culture is relevant to you and your organisation, and to improve your ability to engage with Māori, then Te Kaa is for you.

Te Kaa gives you a basic foundation to be able to consider Māori culture within your decision making processes, policies and procedures and strengthens your ability to connect with your Māori colleagues and clients. Te Kaa is suitable for people with limited or no knowledge of the Māori world, or those looking for a refresher to bolster their confidence.

Te Kaa is available as either the Te Kaa In-Person programme (4 full-day in-person sessions, 3-hour online session, plus graduation at Ōrākei marae) or Te Kaa Online (8 x 4.5-hour sessions, delivered online).

Both the Te Kaa 5-Day and Te Kaa Online programmes can be delivered in two ways:

Te Kaa In-House: For 8-12 people from your organization, delivered at your premises. This is the best option for larger organizations who want to upskill entire teams and develop organization-wide competency.

Te Kaa Elect: For people from various organizations, delivered at our premises. This is a good alternative for individuals in business or smaller businesses with just a few staff; or for larger organizations who want to send a small group along – perhaps to ‘test the waters’ before arranging a full In-House programme, or to bring new staff up to speed with the competency of other staff who have already attended the programme.

All cohorts are limited to 12 people to ensure participants are fully engaged to get the most out of Te Kaa.

Te Kaa

At Maurea Consulting, we help people ignite their Māori Cultural Competency in a safe, fun and explorative way, making Māori culture accessible.

We do this by delivering the transformational Te Kaa five day training programme.  Anyone can attend one of our Elect training programmes, or we can tailor an in-house training programme for your organisation.

Building high trust relationships with our customers is important to us so we can also walk alongside you to help your organisation better engage in the Māori space.

Glenn Martin 


Head of Healthcare
Partnerships Operations

 Southern Cross Health Society

"Te Kaa was probably the most impactful and meaningful structured learning investment I have experienced.  It was exceptional. It has driven change in all of us and I am very appreciative of the opportunity to fill some real gaps in my understanding but more importantly some meaningful evolutions in my belief system.


"The Te Kaa team have put together a very good quality programme and I felt enriched by it.  


"Also not to be underestimated is the positive impact on team cohesion. I think we all came out of Te Kaa closer and in an even better position to work together as a team within Southern Cross."

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Rhonda Koroheke


Head of Diversity and Inclusion 


"Te Kaa is a well led programme utilising

subject matter expertise across each module. Groups are purposely small to ensure active participation at a pace that is supportive of varying degrees of understanding of Te Ao Māori.


"Te Kaa’s unique approach to exploring all

things Māori is well-constructed and promotes rich discussion across the roopu.


"I have thoroughly enjoyed my journey and recommend Te Kaa to those wanting to establish a better understanding of Māori concepts and establish meaningful relationships with Māori.”


Rhys Musson


 Brand Manager

 Z Energy Ltd

"Fantastic leadership and facilitation from Precious. She operates with real Mana, authenticity and pragmatism and really pushes people to generate a deeper level of understanding, but is also open to challenge and enquiry.


"Precious has an ability to shape the conversation, balancing the need to ‘go down

a rabbit hole’ vs getting through the content. Great at making linkages between the content and sessions.


"Good at managing the group dynamic and energy levels. She really got the best out of people."