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  • "Like a lot of people, learning Te Reo is on my to-do list. But what I am learning through Te Kaa is that putting Te Reo into a full cultural context is the real game changer.


    The depth of understanding that I have reached in just a few sessions has shifted how I think of myself as a New Zealander on a profound level.


    Precious and her fantastic contributors weave dialogue and experiential learning together in an inclusive and refreshing way. Consider this as mandatory to those wanting to lead in an exciting NZ future."

    Sandy Burgham,


    Play Contemporary Leadership Colab

  • "Fantastic leadership and facilitation from Precious. She operates with real Mana, authenticity and pragmatism and really pushes people to generate a deeper level of understanding, but is also open to challenge and enquiry.


    She has an ability to shape the conversation, balancing the need to ‘go down a rabbit hole’ vs getting through the content. Great at making linkages between the content and sessions. Good at managing the group dynamic and energy levels. She really got the best out of people."

    Rhys Musson,

    Brand Manager,

    Z Energy Ltd.

  • “I joined Te Kaa to help my company understand how we can achieve our goals on Māori representation in the Tech Sector, and promote Māori culture within our organisation. Te Kaa has exceeded my expectations.


    Whether you are an individual who wants to better understand New Zealand’s indigenous culture or an organisation who wants to appropriately integrate Māori protocol into your business, Te Kaa is a fantastic launching pad. Precious Clark and her facilitators bring energy, insight and a unique perspective to all things Māori, enabling content to be easily absorbed. I can highly recommend Te Kaa.”

    Donna Wright,

    Business Planning Director,