Other Services

Te Kaa training is developed and delivered by Maurea Consulting. Established in 2012 by CEO Precious Clark, Maurea's mission is to share Māori culture globally to shape and inform a modern world. In addition to the Te Kaa training programme, Maurea offers:

Consulting services

  • Translation services - English to Māori and Māori to English

  • Cultural audit, strategy development & organisational transformation

  • Branding advice and cultural advisory service

  • Public speaking engagements

Training wānanga

  • Treaty of Waitangi (1 day - in person)

  • Mauri (2 full days in person or 4 half days online)

  • Mareikura (2 full days and 2 half days - in person) 

Service Design

Drawing on our belief that Māori are natural systems thinkers, we have developed a Māori design thinking methodology, and we use this to lead and support design service delivery that empowers organisations to deliver great outcomes to Māori. 

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