Te Kaa has one mission: to help 10,000 people positively identify with Māori culture

New Zealand’s rich Māori culture gives it a point of difference on a global stage, and now, more than ever New Zealand businesses are seeking to harness its uniqueness. As a result of Treaty settlements, Māori are able to engage in the growth of New Zealand in ways reminiscent of the 1800’s when Māori were an economic and political force, so the desire to partner with Māori is growing.


As a nation we are growing our awareness that diversity and inclusion is essential for growth and success, while recognizing that learning the indigenous culture at home is the right starting point. If you want to deepen your understanding of Te Ao Māori to help you determine how Māori culture is relevant to you and your organisation, and to improve your ability to engage with Māori, then Te Kaa is for you.

Te Kaa gives you a basic foundation to be able to consider Māori culture within your decision making processes, policies and procedures and strengthens your ability to connect with your Māori colleagues and clients. Te Kaa is suitable for people with limited or no knowledge of the Māori world, or those looking for a refresher to bolster their confidence.


Te Kaa Public Programme

A five day training course that ignites people's learning, understanding and experience of Māori culture in a safe and exploratory way. Tailored towards the busy corporate sector, this programme provides focus on how Māori culture is relevant to you as an individual and to your business. Upon completion of the course you become a Te Kaa Amokura (Alumni).

Te Kaa is semi structured programme designed to systematically build your knowledge of Māori culture over 5 sessions held at two week intervals. Each session is anchored in a topic and encourages dialogue and interaction to embed learnings. Each cohort is limited to 10 people to ensure participants are fully engaged and get the most out of Te Kaa.

$6500 + GST

Te Kaa For Chief Executives

Te Kaa five day programme that allows Chief Executives to take leadership in Māori Cultural Competency.


Te Kaa Amokura Masterclass

One day masterclass for Te Kaa Amokura (Alumni) that will look at how to move towards being a culturally competent organisation.

$1000 + GST

Te Kaa Public Programme Sessions

Session 1: Having fun with te reo Māori – the Māori language

Attempting to speak another language is daunting, and there can be a real fear of getting it wrong. We create an interactive learning space to help you have fun while learning the basics of Māori pronunciation, build your own pepeha (a Māori introduction) and a variety of openings and closings for speeches. You’ll also learn a waiata (song). Tone deaf people are especially welcome.

Session 2: Te Ao Māori - Introduction to the Māori world and protocols

Words like tikanga, mana, tapu, noa, mauri and wairua are common place in NZ society but
not well understood. These concepts, Māori creation stories, an understanding of Māori social structures and values such as kaitiakitanga and manaakitanga will be explained in a way that will help you identify these concepts in operation and how you can make them your own.

Session 3: Te Tiriti o Waitangi – the Treaty of Waitangi

The Treaty of Waitangi is the founding document of Aotearoa/ New Zealand. We will look at the context in which it was created, and understand the differences in interpretation. We will assess the current post treaty settlement environment and its impact on business and the economy, exploring how the Treaty relates to you today as an individual and your organisation.

Session 4: Māori today, the Marae environment and engagement processes

This session will explore Māori today, taking a look at Iwi, their structures and aspirations and the impacts of treaty settlements on the Māori economy. In recognising many New Zealanders have never been on to a Marae, and dont understand the significance of the powhiri process, this session will explain the different domains of the marae and outline Māori engagement processes, so you are fully equipped to participate.

Session 5: The Marae experience

A visit to Orakei Marae, where things learnt in previous sessions will be put in to practice. Participants will participate in a powhiri process, engage with the local Iwi and present about their journey on Te Kaa. We will also hear from Māori leaders about topics determined by the cohort. A presentation of koha will bring Te Kaa to a close. Participants are invited to bring along a guest to participate in a Marae experience free of charge.